Paco Marcial  explores the notions of brutality, beauty, precarity, speed and fantasy in his work through sculptural objects tinged with reminiscences  of motorsport racing, verging on oneiric romanticism mostly when he's trying to built his own Maserati.


He was born in Mexico City and received his BFA at Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas ENAP UNAM, in Mexico City. Also he had studies at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht Netherlands. For several years he was Jason Rhoades main assistant. 

He is the founder, president, director, team manager, engineer, main driver & mechanic of Écurie Marchal (a philosophical & meta-conceptual racing team of sculptures) 


Écurie Marchal was born in Modena Italy in 2008, over the Preda Ringadora right in front of the Palazzo Comunale; that same year it moves to Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg Germany. Later on it was relocated in New York in the former premises of one of the secret buildings of the Manhattan Project. He continues working in New York City.


Solo Exhibitions:

2017/18 (Dec-Jan) Paco Marcial Die Gefährlichen Runden Der Écurie Marchal, 8 Salón Hamburg, Germany.


Group Exhibitions:

2021/22  ARCHITECTUREOFSPEED Paul Jaray and the Shape of Necessity Arsenale Institute for Politics of Representation, Venezia.

2020-  Pinta Miami  532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel Booth Miami. / Summer Loving  532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel New York

2019- Context Art Miami  532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel booth, Miami.

2016- The Nickel Show... (an Illegal Exhibition) Brooklyn, NY.

2015- Écurie Marchal @ Fórmula 1 Gran Premio de México 2015 @ Fēlie New York NY. 

2014- Momenta Art's 2014Bushwick New York, / Paintings and Sculptures 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel in Chelsea New York NY. 

2013- Out of Blink Sarah Crown Presents Soho New York, NY. / This Won´t Hurt a Bit Medical Office Greenpoint BK NY. / Art Miami2013532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel 

2012- Crimes of the Future NS Festival Brooklyn NY.  

2010- Short Term Deviation Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space Program curated by Jie Liang Lin, New York NY. 

2006- Los Chowchillas Laboratory de Arte Alameda, curaduría de Paco Marcial, México D.F.  2004- The Grocery List Art2102 at The Mountain Bar China Town LA, CA. / The Path of Moons and Planets Crazy Space curated by Dawn Kasper, Santa Monica CA.

2003- Yield Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles California.

2000- Salón de Octubre/Gran Premio Omnilife 2000 Centro Cultural Omnilife, Guadalajara México. / Pasaje Iturbide Museo de la Ciudad de México, curaduría de Terence Gower, México D.F.