Evanescent Dreams

25 March - 16 April 2011

Vicenzo Lo Sasso

The work of Vincenzo Lo Sasso is not only the search for a balance between opposing forces but rather, and radically so, the attempt to translate the ancient contrast between solid bodies and liquid presences into images, between that which is unmoving and that which cannot avoid swaying, ever more deeply, even between formalism and informal being. In his metals, treated, violated, oxidized, enameled, transformed into Caribbean islands or mini atolls on the Pacific, places where there is no clearly defined border between sea and earth, where each piece of territory or abyss is a space momentarily stolen, it’s a surface which could also turn back into water or the other way around – color and matter do not only speak of themselves, they do not present values which are exclusively descriptive or emotional, but they effectively reference those relationships and situations of stability or instability, specificity and non-specificity on which the whole planet rests today. The artist stages the continuous change of things, the constant being on the edge of the world, the unavoidable renewal of elements; on his strange metal canvas he blocks the continuous progress of evolution, and he does so not to deny it, but to emphasize it. In practice, Lo Sasso is inspired by Earth and its history, its destiny.

– Maurizio Sciaccaluga