Recent Works By Guenter Knop

12 November - 24 December 2010

Guenter Knop is a remarkable photographer whose love of women shines through in every photograph. Knop’s work represents a highly original combination of rigorous abstraction and lyrical sensuality. The physicist, Heisenberg, proved many years ago that momentum and the placement of particles within the atom are intrinsically interwoven. From this perspective light is now understood as a dynamic dance of interacting particles traveling in wavelike fashion. The human act of observing freezes the moment, changes the interaction, and even determines what one sees.With photography, Guenter Knop examines such moments. He freezes the exact instant, changes the interaction, and determines what we see. With incomparable technical and artistic skill, he controls light, line, and form in the images in this book to purposefully guide the eye to see the “essence of woman” in new ways. The photographs within are nothing short of pure, breathtakingly beautiful, abstract works of art – moments in time, captured by the artist’s “click” of a camera, as light interacts with biomorphic and architectural. Whether short and bulbous, lanky and bony, athletic and graceful, black or white, each beautiful woman is captured at the precise artistic moment; the beauty is frozen and she becomes an enduring, sculptural element in a composition with a new language.Found alone, architectural forms can be experienced as cold, sharp, and angular. They can create boundaries and constraints to biomorphic forms, such as the female figure, which is curved, warm, and organic. Knop skillfully juxtaposes these forms in the same composition, adds light, and creates interesting changes and new forms. Warm becomes cold; and reciprocally, cold, warm. Architectural becomes biomorphic; and biomorphic, architectural.