Inside out

10 May - 7 June 2010

532 Gallery is pleased to present INSIDE OUT an exhibition of paintings by Ian Hughes, an outstanding mid-career painter, in his first one-person show in a New York gallery.

Hughes’ paintings (here represented by large, medium and small scale works) re-examine and renew the always delicate relationship between color and form. Hughes’ forms are strangely suggestive, but of what exactly: primordial ooze, cell division run amok, fragments of the cosmos, a frozen oil spill, decay or growth, plant, animal, or human?  As the painted forms shift and mutate, so do the associations. Everything is in flux. A form is related, via color shifts, to an adjacent form, which itself is related to another, then another. This set of internal relationships causes the viewer’s eye to move about the canvas, picking out new ideas. Each interior form in a Hughes canvas can activate a different memory. Taken together, they can create a new universe of ideas for the viewer.