“My artwork comes from a daily experience where I create a contemporary mythology that puts on a same level the physical reality, the oneiric material of dreams, the subconscious, magic, the offering, the visible and the hidden reality that surround us. The process of making the artwork it’s like a ritual; the choice of every material, the configuration of every shape, of every element, brings a poetic meaning and symbolism to the artwork. The process as exorcism, the transformation of physical pain as purification of the body and the spirit, its laceration as the offering to the miracle of life.”



Susana Guerrero lives and works in Elche, Spain, where she was born in 1972. With artistic scholarships of residency she has expanded her studies in Greece, Mexico and Germany. The traditional mythologies form these cultures have marked her artistic practice which is fully imbued of the spirit of their mythologies, lives with them, making them her own and expressing herself through the characters and stories that populate her works.


Guerrero’s oeuvre has been been featured internationally in galleries and major institutions, including Museum of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia; Center for Visual Arts Development, Havana, Cuba; Museo Arte Moderno Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Museum of Contemporary Art Guatemala; Cultural Center Spain, Miami; Instituto Cervantes, Tangier, Morocco; Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany; Kunstlerhaus, Munich, Germany; Charpa Gallery, Valencia; Deposito 14 Gallery, Madrid; Punto y Línea Gallery, Oaxaca, Mexico; Gallery Casa del Lago, Mexico; D.F. Instituto México, Spain, Madrid; Kazni Nowej, Krakow, Poland; IVAM, Valencia; MACUF, A Coruña, Spain; Villa Serena, Bologna, Italy; Planetarium Gallery, Trieste, Italy; Museo Ciudad Juárez, Mexico; Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza, Spain; University of Manzanillo Gallery, Mexico; National Calcography, Madrid; National Autonomous University of Mexico; International Center of India, New Delhi, India.


Guerrero’s work is in private and public collections, including Kunstlerhaus, Munich, Germany; National Autonomous University of Mexico; University of Cantabria; Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Marbella.  Her most recent solo exhibitions of Guerrero include “RITO”, Tanzfakture, Cologne, Germany (2017); “Anatomy of a Myth”, Spanish Cultural Center, Miami (2017); “Anatomy of a Myth” 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York (2016); “RITO” Museum of Contemporary Art of Elche, Spain (2016); “RITO”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante, Spain (2016). 

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