The World is Floating

12 February - 13 March 2010

Per Adolfsen

532 Gallery is pleased to present a solo show of works by Danish artist Per Adolfsen. Although the artist’s figurative abstractions may appear crude at first glance, closer examination reveals works vibrating with energy and pulse, creating an all-out assault on the viewer’s concept of reality. In the title work, The World is Floating, images emerge out of nothing and figures float away into a one point perspective which seems non-existent. The transience of these images reflects the mutability of the human condition and consequent feelings of anxiety and denial. Adolfsen reflects the conditionality of everyday life, in which myriad random events beyond our control, from the minute to the epic, intervene not only upon our senses or our definition of the real, but our individual fate as well. It is left up to the viewer as to whether these are the results of chaos or phenomenology.